Overview of iCareAll Video Converter

This article will introduce all features of iCareAll Video Converter and share guide to convert any video file to desired video formats.

Part 1: Tutorial

    Online Tutorial
    Learn how to convert video from one format to another desired video format by using iCareAll Video Converter.

Part 2: Toolbar

    2.1 Video button

    Click "Video" button to upload the video file stored on any storage media

    2.2 Crop button

    iCareAll Video Converter allows you to crop video by clicking "Crop" button so as to get rid of unnecessary information or remove black bars in the video file.

    2.3 Trim button

    iCareAll Video Converter enables you to trim video by clicking "Trim" button so as to cut the unwanted part of the video file.

    2.4 Clear button

    iCareAll PDF Editor is able to clear all videos from the list by clicking "Clear" button

    2.5 Option Button

    Click "Option" button to perform some basic settings such as set the output folder, snapshot folder, image tpe, converting speed etc

    2.6 Help button

    Click "Help" button to get some online help to use iCareAll Video Converter

Part 3: Output Settings

    3.1 Profile

    iCareAll PDF Editor enables you to click the small triangle to the right of "Profile" to open the "Profile" list where you can see all video formats that the software supports.

    3.2 Settings

    Click "Settings" button to have more settings where you can set the resolution of video, sample rate of audio and more.

    3.3 Merge into one file

    iCareAll Video Converter allows you to merge serveral videos into one video

    3.4 Output

    Click "Browse" button to the right of "Output" to select a destination path to save the converted video.

    3.5 Open Folder

    Click "Open Folder" to open the destination path

Part 4: Convert Video

    iCareAll PDF Editor makes it easy to convert the video to desired format by clicking "Run" button

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