What does 'delete' mean, is it possible to undelete files?

When we delete a file on our computer or other digital device, we are not permanently remove the data on it to another place, the device just mark the place where you put your file empty, if you want to recover your file, you just need to cancel the“empty mark”. Can we undelete files with command prompt? Is there any other solutions to undelete the deleted files for free? Which is the best solution to undo delete? All these questions you can find answers here.

How to undelete files with CMD

CMD is a windows system command prompt, which can perform many actions on your system. Let’s show you how to undelete files with command prompt.

Step 1: Run CMD.

undelete files with CMD undelete files with CMD

Step 2: Type“chkdsk ‘drive letter’ /f” and enter.

undelete files with CMD undelete files with CMD

Step 3: Type [drive letter : \ >attrib –h –r –s /s /d *.*]

Recover your deleted files with cmd undelete files with CMD

Notice: This may be a dangerous choice, because CMD sometimes may erase or recover your other files, you need to be careful when you use it.

How to undelete files from different device

Undelete files from computer with built-in function

Recover deleted files by backup function

“Backup and restore”is a windows built-in tool to restore your deleted files easily. You can follow the instructions below:

Step 1: click start button, choose“control panel”, find“back up your computer”in the“System and Security”module.

Recover deleted files by backup function Recover deleted files by backup function

Step 2: Enter“back up your computer”, click“Restore my files”option.

Recover deleted files by backup function Recover deleted files by backup function

Then you can recover your deleted files for free.

Recover deleted files by restore to previous version

This is another way to restore your files to previous version and recover your deleted files.

Step 1: Open the start button, and choose“computer”option.

Step 2: Find the folder which saved your deleted files before, right click the folder, choose“Restore to previous version”option.

Undelete files from mobile Phone with built-in function

If you deleted files from mobile phone, there is still a way to undelete them easily, you can restore your files on your backup. And most mobile phones have cloud storage function, it also makes it easy to recover your deleted files.

If you delete photos on iPhone, you can also, use the album function to restore your deleted photos.

Step1: open your album, scroll to the bottom

Step2: find a “recently deleted” option, enter it, and choose those photos you want to recover.

Undelete files from other device

If you delete files from other devices, you can also try a file recovery tool to help you. There are so many data recovery software, which is free and good? How to choose a suitable one? It’s not hard to learn.

Undelete the files with freeware

1. Recuva

Recuva is created by Russian, it can recover your data for free, but it has some plug-ins with it, which may be a little annoying.

2. Puran

Puran is a file recovery free ware which with no plug-ins, but it is only free for home use.


As it’s name says, FreeUndelete is a free deleted file recovery program, which can help you recover your deleted files from sd card, usb, or other storage device.

4. Glary undelete

Glary undelete is another freeware for file program, but it also tries to install another program to your computer when you install it.

5. Wise data recovery

Wise data recovery is also a good freeware for data recovery, but some individual files can not be recovered.

Attention: You can not install the software on your folder where saved your deleted files, because that will rewrite your device and make trouble to your undelete work.

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