Is It Possible to Recover Deleted Photo/Video from SD, Micro SD card

Is it possible to recover deleted data from SD card? It depends. There are many causes make your data deleted, such as mistakenly deleting or formatting, device getting corrupted.

Accidentally Delete Photo/Video from Android Phone SD Card

If you delete photos and videos from SD card on Android phone by mistake, you can check the album, for some Android devices, there is “Recently Deleted” album which can help you recover data easily.

Delete Data from Micro SD Card on Computer

If you remove data from SD card on the computer, it will be a little more difficult, because deleted data from SD card on the computer won’t be sent to recycle bin, so you can not restore them from recycle bin easily. But a data recovery software can also help you to make it.

Mistakenly Format SD card or SD Card Get Corrupted

Sometimes, SD card can get corrupted and the data becomes raw or inaccessible, you need to recover the important photo and fix the corrupted SD card. It is not a impossible work if you have a data recovery program.

Recover data from sd card on AndroidRecover data from sd card on Android

How to Recover Mistakenly Deleted Photo/Video from SD Card/Micro SD Card without Software

There are some situations you can recover your data from SD card or micro SD card without the help of data recovery software.

Restore Photo/Video from Recent Deleted Album

If you mistakenly delete photos and videos from SD card on Android phone, you can first check the album, some Android users have a “Recently Deleted” album at the bottom of the album stream, if you have, you can find your deleted photo or video there, then you can click "Restore" option to get them back.

Restore Data from Micro SD Card on Android Phone from backup

If you deleted photos 30 days ago, and the photos are erased from “Recently Deleted”, or you deleted other kind of data like files, you can not restore data from “Recently Deleted” album. But you can also check your backup on the cloud storage. For most Android devices, they provide cloud accounts for users, they will automatically backup the album and some files folder for you. So you can check the cloud storage backup. When you find your data there, you only need to download them, they will be back to your SD card on Android phone.

Best SD Card Recovery Software: Recover Data from SD Card without Any Data Loss

If the solutions above can not solve your problem, you really need a professional data recovery program to help you. You can try iCare Data Recovery pro, which is a read-only program and will do no harm to your computer or your SD card, you can totally trust it. It has a excellent recovery ability, which can recover all kinds of data and won’t change their file format. And iCare Data Recovery pro has a simple interface, making it easy to use.

If you are Windows users, you can free download here.

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Instructions to Recover Deleted Photo/Video from SD Card

Step 1: Install iCare Data Recovery pro on your computer, run the software.

Recover deleted photo video from SD card.Recover deleted photo video from SD card.

Step 2: Choose a module to start scanning, you can try “Deleted Data Recovery” first, if it doesn’t work, try “Deep Scan Recovery”. Select your SD card to scan.

Recover deleted photo video from SD card.Recover deleted photo video from SD card.

Step3: after scanning process finished, preview the data listed all, choose those you need and save them. Do not save to the old place.

Recover deleted photo video from SD card.Recover deleted photo video from SD card.

How to Prevent Data Loss

To prevent data loss, there are some problems you need to be careful.

1. Do not put any other data on the old SD card , writing can make big trouble to the data recovery work.

2. Choose a reliable storage device like Kingston, WD, Sandisk, Toshiba, etc.

3. Do not eject the SD card or USB without safely ejection.

4. Prepare a professional data recovery program, like iCare Data Recovery pro, which can recover

data from many kinds of data loss problems including mistakenly deletion, formatting, device corrupted, raw drive error, virus infection data loss, etc.

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