Is It Possible to Recover Data after Formatted Hard Drive

"I formatted my external hard drive disk yesterday to clean the virus, and now I find I have some important files on the formatted HDD, how can I recover the data from the formatted external hard drive?"


I have heard a lot of similar questions like that, how to recover data from formatted SD card?

How to restore formatted data from hard drive? This may be a common problem for most of people who use digital device to store their data. Fortunately, the answer is yes, you can recover files from formatted hard drive if you formatted external hard drive by mistake.

First, there is some important information about formatting we need to know.

What Happened When You Formatted Your Hard Drive

For most people who use smart phone or external USB, memory card, formatting is not a strange operation. When we use a smart phone for a long time, it may run slower, if you don’t have important data on the device, you can format it to make it back to original state.

Formatting can do things like that, restore your device to factory setting and erase all the data on it.

There are two kinds of formatting, quick format and full format, quick format will only erase your data, data can be recovered by recovery program. Full format can check the bad track on the disk besides removing all the data on it. Some software may fail to recover all the data after full format, but some data recovery tool with good recovery ability can make it.

How to Recover Files from Formatted Hard Drive with Data Recovery Tool

Some data recovery tool can recover data easily after full formatted the hard drive, here I would recommend iCare Data Recovery. It is safe and effective tool which recover data from many devices including hard drive, external USB flash drive, memory card, PC, smart phone, etc. iCare Data Recovery pro is a read-only program, so you can surely trust its safety.

One thing important you need to know is that before you use a data recovery tool to restore your data from formatted hard drive, you can not write another data on the formatted hard drive, because rewriting will make you unable to recover all your data.

So, DO NOT use your hard drive anymore after you formatted it.

Instructions of Formatted Hard Drive Recovery with iCare Data Recovery pro

Step1: Install the program on your computer.

Step2: Start the program, enter “Deep Scan Recovery” mode, click your formatted hard drive.

Formatted hard drive recovery with iCare Data Recovery proFormatted hard drive recovery with iCare Data Recovery pro

Step3: Preview the found data, choose those needed to recover, and save them to another drive.

Formatted hard drive recovery with iCare Data Recovery proFormatted hard drive recovery with iCare Data Recovery pro

After these steps, you can have your data on the formatted hard drive recovered.

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