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Samsung 128GB MicroSDXC memory card is now in file system raw and asking for a format. It was used on my mobile Samsung Galaxy s9 and now everytime when I turn on my phone the memory card just keep telling its raw and needs a formatting. It has the same error when the microsd was connected to Windows 10 my laptop.

Is there any format tool that can change the file system raw to fat32 without losing inside files?

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raw drive needs formatting.Raw file system asked formatting

Why MicroSD became RAW

When your microSD used in phone/camera turned to RAW file system, its file system sector may have been damaged due to some of the following causes

  • Virus infected the file system
  • Bad blocks due to unknown reasons(lifetime cycle, damages brought by others)
  • Remove sd without safe removal or pull out directly, the hard way
  • Power surge all of sudden when you get your microsd connect to PC
  • Chip bad, physical/logical errors...

What can we do when the sd is in raw file system?

When the sd memory card turned to raw format, there must be some part inside of the memory card became damaged. When the file system is raw, the file system cannot be recognized by your device nor Windows, your phone, camera...

What should you do right now? Stop using it from any changings or trying to repair it since any change would make permanent damage to its inside files. You could risk lose everything or important part of your photos videos...

Step 1: Rescue inside files from SD is very important and the following part we would show you how to recover files with two free programs from raw memory card.

Step 2: And then format the raw microsd to fat32

Freeware to recover photo/video from raw SD card before the formatting

This guide works for various kinds of memory card including microsd, minisd, compact flash card, xd card, sd card etc.

Here are two free tools that we are introducing for a raw sd card recovery.

Freeware#1: Recover data with freeware iCare Data Recovery Free

iCare Data Recovery Free is a free raw sd recovery utility that can let you access data inside of the raw memory card.

Download iCare Free

Step#1: Download, Install the raw sd card recovery tool, choose 'Advanced File Recovery'

recover files with icareStart iCare for fixing raw drive

Step 2: Connect your raw sd to PC via a card reader(Required!!!), and then get it select to go to 'Next'

start scanning raw driveSelect raw drive to recover

Step 3: Save found photo&video onto another place instead of the raw sd.

Fix raw drive data onto another driveRecover data from raw drive.

Freeware#2: Recuva Free

Recuva has a free edition that has no support but it is free of charge that you may try and test whether it work for your raw microsd.

Download Recuva Free

Step 1: Download Recuva and get it started with its wizard to guide you the recovery.

recover files with recuvaStart recuva

Step 2: Choose file types for recovery

start recovery wizardSelect recovery options

Step 3: Set a place for future save file location

Set place to save dataSet place to save data

Step 4: It takes a few minutes or more time for scanning your memory card

Wait to let recuva finishWait for data

Step 5: Rescue your files

save raw filesSave data

Video Tutorial of using Recuva Free

You may go to this page to know more freeware for recovering data from sd card on both Windows and Mac

>>5 free sd memory card recovery software for Windows&Mac<<


Convert raw sd to fat32/exfat with format tool in Windows 10/8/7

Here are two format tool that we want to introduce them to you and they are also freeware.

Format Tool#1: Disk Management that is provided by Windows inside of your PC.

Step 1: Open 'This PC' and click Manage

open manage from this pcThis PC - Manage

Step 2: Click Disk Management and get your sd loaded

Open disk management

Step 3: Right click your sd to format it

Format raw drive by Disk Management

And here you may see options to convert raw sd to ntfs/fat32/exfat as you wish. And here is a video for format raw drive under disk management.

FREE FORMAT TOOL#2 - usb disk storage format tool

USB Disk Storage Format Tool is an easy to use and simply designed program that can do the formatting free of charge too.

usb Format toolFormat sd to ntfs/fat32

Free Download USB Disk Format Tool

Diskpart cmd to convert raw sd to fat32/exfat

Here are the steps that you may follow to get your raw sd converted to fat32/exfat using cmd

Firstly, Look for Windows icon+R on your keyboard to start Run

And then : type 'Diskpart' to launch diskpart command prompt.

Step#1: type 'list volume'

Step#2: type 'select volume 4' (This may change according to what your raw drive is labled on here this list)

Step#3: type 'format fs=fat32 quick' or 'format fs=exfat quick'

Step#4: type 'exit'

format raw drive with diskpartformat raw file system fat32/ntfs with diskpart

Video: how to convert raw to fat32

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