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The type of file system is raw on SD card, what shall we do? You may wonder is it possible to convert the file system for memory card without formatting since most users may already have the awareness that reformatting the sd card may result in losing its old data inside of the memory card. So we would recommend you not to do any repairing or formatting if you have files of importance inside of the raw sd.

When your sd is in file system raw format, you would receive a butch series of symptoms such as 'chkdsk is not available for raw drives' on sd card if you try to determine what kind of error it is, or the disk in drive F is not formatted, you need to format it before you can use it, I/O device error...

Why sd memory card turned RAW file system

If the micro sd suddenly became raw format, it is mostly due to the file system that became damaged and unknown. This could happen by various causes such as bad sectors, unplug without safe removal, virus infection, power surge...

What is sd card file system?

File system in Wikipedia is explained as the regulation to control how data is structured and stored, usually where to begin and where to end.

What is raw file system on sd card? When the file system is damaged due to whatever causes, which means the whole inside data became unrecorded, unrecognized, in RAW format. And leteraturely speaking RAW means unexplored, unused, blank if the sd card became raw format.

What file system does memory card use?

Usually, when memory card like sdhc, sdxc, microsd and other memory cards are sold on the market, they are already formatted to a good file system.

There are fat32, exfat, ntfs file systems that are mostly used file system on sd card, togther with some other file system like ntfs5, ext2, ext3, ext4, xfs...

How to recover files from raw sd card with freeware

Try iCare Free which is able to help recover files from your raw memory card for free with its 'Advanced File Recovery' option. It works for various kinds of raw memory cards including the raw compact flash card, sdxc, sdhc, xd card, micro sd, mini sd etc.

Download iCare Free

Step 1: Connect your , choose 'Advanced File Recovery'

recover files with icareStart iCare for fixing raw drive

Step 2: Choose your raw usb to start scanning

start scanning raw driveSelect raw drive to recover

Step 3: Rescue data from inaccessible raw usb disk/flash by iCare Free.

Fix raw drive data onto another driveRecover data from raw drive.

How to fix RAW sd/microsd without formatting with repair tool

How to repair the RAW sd? RAW means the file system of the sd card is corrupted. So it would be useful to get the file system repaired and then the SD/MICROSD raw problem can be fixed.

Here are some file system repair tools free for you to repair the raw memory card.

SD RAW Repair Tool #1 - Error checking

Error checking is provided by Windows as a file system repairing tool that can be accessed if you right click your raw memory card, click Tools inside of Properties once the right click box showed up.

Step 1: Right click the raw media -> Properties

Step 2: Click 'Tools' and then 'Check'

repair file system error checkingrepair raw file system 1

Step 3: Check available options to repair the raw sd card right away.

repair file system error checkingrepair raw file system 2

Watch a video that shows how to repair raw file system by error-checking.

RAW SD/Microsd repair tool #2 - Partition Resizer Free

This is a free tool that provides a file system repairing too.

Free Download Partition Resizer

Step#1: Fixing the raw memory card by downloading and installing the freeware Partition Resizer, connect your raw sd to PC and then open Resizer, right click your raw sd, go to option the 'Check Partition'

repair bad file systemrepair raw file system by resizer

Step#2: Here comes the main functions for checking partitions which can repair bad damaged file system on sd memory card to get the raw error fixed by checking all options and then click OK to start repairing.

repair raw usbrepair raw file system by resizer

This program is free of charge and it can be used to format the raw sd to fat32/ntfs for free too.

How to format/convert raw micro sd using diskpart cmd

raw drive needs formatting.Damaged raw sd asked formatting

How to change file system on SD card? Changing sd card file system may be done via formatting. This guide applies to various kinds of memory card including the most frequently used ones minisd, sdhc, sdxc, compact flash card, etc.

Firstly, you may need to know how to open the CMD with the following video.

Once the cmd is open, try the following.

CMD Method #1

  1. 1, type 'diskpart' after you open RUN box
  2. 2, type 'list disk' to get your raw sd listed here
  3. 3, type 'select disk *' to get your raw sd selected.
  4. 4, type 'clean'
  5. 5, type 'create partition primary'
  6. 6, type 'format fs=ntfs quick' (or you may use 'format fs=fat32 quick' instead)

format raw drive with diskpartformat raw file system ntfs with cmd diskpart

CMD Method #2

The same way to open cmd or simply open cmd by using Win+R two keys on your keyboard and then another type of words to operate the diskpart cmd.

  1. 1, type 'diskpart' after you open RUN box
  2. 2, type 'list volume' (before doing this, please make sure your raw sd has been connected to PC via a card reader.)
  3. 3, type 'select volume *' (* is the volume letter of your sd)
  4. 4, type 'format fs=fat32 quick' (you may also just use 'format fs=fat32' and fat32 can also be replaced by exfat too)
  5. 5, type 'exit'

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